Tested with WordPress 4.8.1

Tested with WordPress 4.8.1

Requires WordPress version 3.1.0 or later.




Manage paid and free members.

Member accounts

Let your visitors sign up to create their own member accounts by choosing a subscription plan of their choice.

Payment history

Once logged in, members can see their payment history from the account page, with the date and amount of each payment.

Subscription plans

Create multiple subscription plans with custom rules, like what user role to give members and when they need to renew.

Multiple subscriptions

Each member can subscribe to multiple plans at the same time, or add more subscriptions to their account later.



Create multiple subscription plans with custom rules.

Custom pricing

Select a currency for your site to use, and choose a price for each subscription plan. Free plans are also supported.

User roles

Give each new member an account with an existing user role, or automatically create a new role for each plan.

Subscription durations

Set a duration that each subscription remains active for until it is renewed. Unlimited durations are also supported.

Global content restriction

Choose post types and categories that are restricted site-wide unless the member is subscribed to a specific plan.



Collect one-time or recurring fees with Stripe and PayPal.

PayPal Standard

Redirect new members to a PayPal payment page where they can choose to pay by card or with their PayPal balance.

Express Checkout

Similar to PayPal Standard, but more convenient. New member details are passed from PayPal to your site via API.

Offline payments

Manually mark payments as complete if you've collected them by cash, cheque, or other non-electronic methods.

Website Payments Pro

Collect payments directly on your site. Transactions are handled via API without redirecting users.

Credit cards via Stripe

Accept all major credit cards in 135+ currencies by creating a Stripe account. Card details are saved securely.



Filter and restrict your site's content to members.

Easy setup wizard

Quickly install and configure WordPay with minimal hassle. All settings and pages are automatically created for you.

Currency formatting

Format prices by selecting a currency and choosing whether to display its symbol before or after the price.

Redirect option

Select a page to redirect members after successful registration. Welcome new users by adding a custom message.

Navigation menu filtering

Show or hide certain menu items by subscription plan to display different options to each member.

Restricted content

Using the included shortcodes or widgets, create content that is only displayed to active subscribers of a plan.

Preview post

Want to give visitors a sneak peak? Show a portion of restricted content to encourage them to subscribe.



Powerful tools that work behind the scenes.

Notifications as they happen

Instantly email members when they register, activate, or cancel a subscription, and when their subscription expires.

Content dripping

Allow members to unlock content once they've been an active subscriber for a certain amount of time.

Email reminders

Set up reminders and decide when to send emails to members based on sign up, expiration, and last login date.

Recurring payments

Make it easy for members to renew their subscriptions by doing it for them automatically via Stripe or PayPal.



Admin features to manage your membership site.


View membership payments and sales trends with the automatically generated graphs and past archives.


Use the included snippets to generate WordPay membership forms and other content in any post or page.

Manage memberships

Quickly view and edit subscription plans, members, payments, email reminders, and discount codes.


Use any of the included widgets to generate shortcode conent in sidebars and other widgetized areas of your site.



Code generators that you can paste into any post or page.

Member registration

Add basic registration forms where members can sign-up for a subscription plan using the [wpay-register] shortcode.

Restrict content

Restrict content using the [wpay-restrict] shortcode or directly from individual posts and pages.

Subscription plans

Output subscription plans and signup forms anywhere using the [wpay-subscriptions] shortcode.

Login form

Allow members to login using the [wpay-login] shortcode. Already logged-in members will see a logout link.


Allow members to edit their account information and manage their subscription plans using the [wpay-account] shortcode.

Recover password

Add a recover password form for your members using [wpay-recover-password] shortcode.

Payment history

Display a member's payment history in a table using the [wpay-payment-history] shortcode.

Logout link

Generate a logout link for logged-in members to click with the [wpay-logout] shortcode.

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