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Login Form

Allow members to login. Already logged-in members will see a logout link.



The shortcode can be used without any parameters, as shown above. For additional configuration, add any of the following optional parameters to the shortcode:

  • redirect_url – Enter a URL to redirect users after successfully logging in.
  • register_url – Enter a URL to display a link for visitors to register as a new member. It’s recommended to use theĀ [wpay-register] shortcode on that page.
  • lostpassword_url – Enter a URL to display a link for members to recover their password. It’s recommended to use theĀ [wpay-recover-password] shortcode on that page.

Example Usage

[wpay-login register_url="http://mysite.com/register" lostpassword_url="http://mysite.com/forgot" redirect_url="http://mysite.com/account"]
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