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Subscription Plans

If you’ve completed the Setup Wizard, your first subscription plan will be drafted for you. Alternatively, you can create a new subscription plan by going to Subscription Plans, then clicking Add New.

Adding a New Subscription Plan

There are a number of details that you can add to customize each subscription plan:

  • Name – Enter a name for your subscription plan.
  • Description – Write a description for the plan, which will be displayed on the register form.
  • Duration – Decide how long each payment cycle will be. Subscriptions will remain active during that duration. Please note that some payment gateways may limit subscriptions to 1 year.
  • Price – Enter a price to charge each member who joins this plan. The currency can be changed from the Settings page.
  • User role – Select which user role to associate with this subscription plan. You can select an existing role or automatically create a new user role from the subscription plan.


To quickly start using your new subscription plan, some shortcodes are made available in the sidebar:

  • Register – Copy this code and paste it into your post or page to display a registration form.
  • Restrict Content – Copy this code and paste it into your post or page to restrict content between the tags. Only logged-in subscribers to this plan will be able to view that content.

Upgrades and Downgrades

WordPay subscription plans can also be configured in tiers to offer upgrades and downgrades to members of that plan. To add an upgrade or downgrade to an existing plan, hover over it to reveal the action links.

Subscription plans created using these links will become upgradable.

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