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From this screen you can view payment history and pending payments. Each row will display the user, subscription plan, amount, date/time, payment type, transaction ID, and status of that payment.

Completing Payments

When new members are redirected to the payment gateway, WordPay saves the payment as pending. Once the payment is complete, the gateway tells WordPay to change the status to completed.

Retrying Payments

If a payment is pending or it fails, members can log into their account (generated using the [wpay-account] shortcode) and use the Retry payment link. Clicking this link will redirect them to the payment gateway, where they can try to pay again.

Activating PayPal IPN

If PayPal isn’t sending the IPN needed by WordPay, payments may not be marked as complete.

To activate PayPal IPN, log into your PayPal account, click Profile, then Profile and settings and click the Selling tools tab. You’ll see a row labeled Instant payment notifications. Click the Update link in this row, then choose Turn On IPN and enter your Notification URL.

The Notification URL for your site should start with https, your your site’s URL, followed by ?pay_gate_listener=paypal_ipn.

For example:


Be sure that Receive IPN messages (Enabled) is selected, and click Save.

Please note that an SSL certificate is required to process payments using PayPal Express Checkout and PayPal Payment Pro.

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