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SportsPress Integration

Start collecting club membership payments with WordPay and SportsPress. By using these plugins together, new fields are added to the member registration form where users can enter their team name or select an existing team to join as a player.

Activating the Module

This module requires SportsPress or SportsPress Pro to be installed, and can be activated from your SportsPress Settings page. Under the Modules tab, ensure that the WordPay checkbox is checked, then click Save Changes.

Registering New Teams

Teams can sign up for a membership on your site in the same way that they would register as members. Instead of the standard [wpay-register] shortcode, use this shortcode to generate a registration form for teams:


You’ll also notice that a new option has been added to the Register widget, where you can select whether the form is for MembersTeams, or Players.

Either of these methods will generate a form with an added field where team managers can enter their team name during registration.

Registering New Players

Just like the [wpay-register-team] shortcode for teams, a similar shortcode can be used to generate a registration form for players:


By using this shortcode or the Players option in the Register widget, a team select dropdown will appear in the form and players can select their team during registration.

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