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Recurring Payments

Accept recurring membership payments through PayPal standard.

Activating the Module

This module can be activated from your WordPress admin by navigating to WordPay, then Settings. Under the General tab, ensure that the Recurring Payments checkbox is checked, then click Save Changes.

Selecting a Renewal Type

Once the module is activated, go to your WordPress admin and click WordPay, then Settings. On the next screen, click the Payments tab and scroll down to the Renewal option. Select whether subscriptions renew automatically, or the customer opts in for automatic renewals.

Adding PayPal API Credentials

To enable recurring payments using PayPal Standard, you’ll need to enter some details:

  • PayPal E-mail address – Enter your PayPal e-mail address
  • API username – API Username for live site
  • API Password – API password for live site
  • API Signature – API Signature for live site

PayPal has additional documentation on creating and managing NVP/SOAP API credentials.

Accepting Recurring Payments

After you’ve entered your API credentials, new members can sign up for plans with recurring subscriptions using PayPal Standard. Please note that once the module is active, recurring payments will be enabled on all subscription plans.

Please ensure that your site has an SSL certificate and uses the https protocol to work properly with PayPal’s Instant Payment Notification (IPN).

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