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Menu Filtering

Choose exactly which navigation items members see when they are logged in or logged out, based on their subscription plans.

Activating the Module

This module can be activated from your WordPress admin by navigating to WordPay, then Settings. Under the General tab, ensure that the Menu Filtering checkbox is checked, then click Save Changes.

Adding Menu Items

Add or edit an existing navigation menu from your WordPress admin menu by clicking Appearance, then Menus. On the next screen, select a menu to edit and click Select, or click create a new menu.

Give the menu a name and add menu items by selecting them from the sidebar and clicking Add to Menu.

Filtering Menu Items

Each menu item can be expanded by clicking on the triangle on the right side.

Once expanded, you’ll see a section labeled Display To, where you can select from Logged In UsersLogged Out User, and Everyone (default).

To display the menu item to members only, select Logged In Users, then select the subscription plans that members must be subscribed to in order to view that menu item.

You can also choose to display certain menu items to Logged Out Users only, by selecting that option. This is useful for encouraging visitors to register by creating a page containg the [wpay-register] shortcode.

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