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Global Content Restriction

Create high-level rules for which types of content are available to each subscription plan.

Activating the Module

This module can be activated from your WordPress admin by navigating to WordPay, then Settings. Under the General tab, ensure that the Global Content Restriction checkbox is checked, then click Save Changes.

Adding Rules to Subscription Plans

Add or edit an existing subscription plan from your WordPress admin menu by clicking WordPay, then Subscription Plans. On the next screen, click Add New or Edit to edit a subscription plan, then scroll down to the section labeled Global Content Restriction.

Restricting Content

You can fine-tune exactly what to restrict access to from the Global Content Restriction section.

Select a post type from the Post Type dropdown to restrict access to all posts of that post type to this subscription plan only. Once a post type is selected, you can click Add Taxonomy to narrow down the selected to a certain taxonomy (category or otherwise) that the post belongs to.

You can also click Add Rule to create multiple rules to restrict content by. If more than one rule exists, all conditions must be met in order for that content to be restricted globally to this particular subscription plan.

To remove a restriction, click on the × to the right of the row, and that rule will be removed.

Please ensure that the subscription plan’s Status is set to Active for the global restriction rules to be applied.

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