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Discount Codes

Quickly and easily create discount codes for your subscription plans.

Activating the Module

This module can be activated from your WordPress admin by navigating to WordPay, then Settings. Under the General tab, ensure that the Discount Codes checkbox is checked, then click Save Changes.

Creating Discount Codes

Generate a new discount code from your WordPress admin menu by clicking WordPay, then Discount Codes. On the next screen, click Add New to create your new discount code.

Each discount code has several configurable options:

  • Title – Enter the name of this discount.
  • Promotion Code/Voucher – The actual discount code that members will use during checkout.
  • Type – Choose whether the discount will be a percentage or a fixed amount.
  • Amount – Enter the amount to discount. If Type is set to Percent, then enter a number between 1 and 100. If Type is set to Fixed amount, enter the discount amount in your currency.
  • Subscription(s) – Select the subscription(s) to which the discount should be applied.
  • Maximum Uses – Maximum number of times this discount can be used. Enter 0 for unlimited.
  • Start Date – Select the start date for the discount (yyyy-mm-dd). Leave blank for no start date.
  • Expiration Date – Select the expiration date for the discount (yyyy-mm-dd). Leave blank for no expiration.
  • Status – Select discount code status.
  • Recurring Payments – Apply discount to all future recurring payments (not just the first one).

Click Save discount to save your new discount code.

Using Discount Codes

Discount codes can be applied during initial signup for new members, or from an existing member’s account page when there are active discount codes:

  • Registration – For new members, a Discount Code field will appear at the bottom of the registration form generated using the [wpay-register] shortcode.
  • Account – When existing members visit their account, generated using the [wpay-account] shortcode, and click Upgrade for any of their plans, they will be prompted to enter a discount code.
  • Subscription Plans – From the list of subscription plans generated using the [wpay-subscriptions] shortcode, choosing another subscription plan will prompt the member to enter a discount code.

Please ensure that the discount code’s Status is set to Active for it to be available for use.

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