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Content Dripping

With content dripping you can schedule specific content so that is becomes available to after being an active member under a given subscription plan for a certain period of time. The content you add to a drip set will not be visible to any other users.

Activating the Module

This module can be activated from your WordPress admin by navigating to WordPay, then Settings. Under the General tab, ensure that the Content Dripping checkbox is checked, then click Save Changes.

Creating Content Drip Sets

Generate a new content drip set from your WordPress admin menu by clicking WordPay, then Content Drip Sets. On the next screen, click Add New to create your new content drip set.

Enter a title for the drip set, then select the subscription plan for which this content drip set should apply.

Scheduling the Content

The Content section contains the drip schedule.

Each row has options where you can select:

  • Delay – The number of days, weeks, or months to wait before making the content available.
  • Post Type – Post, page, media, or custom post type to choose from.
  • Type – Choose to select a post or taxonomy of that post type.
  • Content – Search for or select the content to associate with this row.

Please keep in mind that if you’ve already restricted the content in other ways, this content may not be available to members even if they meet the criteria for content dripping.

Adding a Table of Contents

For each content drip set, a shortcode is generated which you can paste into a post or page to display a table of contents for that set. The shortcode is available from the Content Drip Sets page, and has the format:

[wpay-cd-contents-table id="123"]

Where 123 is the ID of that content drip set.

Please ensure that the content drip set’s Status is set to Active for it to start working.

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