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Advanced Modules

WordPay comes with several advanced modules that can be activated or deactivated independently. Each module has a specific purpose, and can be mixed and match to suit your needs.

  • Content Dripping – Give users access to different content based on how long they’ve been a member.
  • Discount Codes – Easily create discount codes for WordPay subscription plans.
  • Email Reminders – Create automated email reminders that are sent to members at a certain timing.
  • Global Content Restriction – Add restriction rules to subscription plans based on post type and taxonomy.
  • Multiple Subscriptions – Allow multiple subscriptions per user by creating subscription level groups.
  • Menu Filtering – Display menu items based on logged-in status and selected subscription plans.
  • Recurring Payments – Enable recurring payments through PayPal Standard.
  • SportsPress Integration – Start collecting club membership payments with WordPay and SportsPress.
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